Land and Sea

June 11-15, 9am-12pm

This camp is a staple at Ms. Sue’s since she grew up at the beach, but its always new! We will enjoy painting tropical sunsets, sailboats and underwater scenes while listening to the sound of the ocean.  We will use a variety of mediums to express the beauty of our coastal environments.

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Into The Wild

June 18-22, 1-4pm

It creeps, crawls, slithers and flies! The famous artist and naturalist John James Audubon has inspired us to study, draw and journal some of God’s most wonderful creatures. Each day we will learn about new animals as we paint, draw and sculpt them.

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Oui Oui Paris

June 25-29, 9am-12pm

This camp is back by popular demand!  Join us as we paint “en plein air” like the impressionists, sculpt French pastries and paper mache a lantern.  This camp is fantastique!


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To The Moon

July 9-13, 1pm-4pm

Take off with us as we explore the vastness of our awesome universe!  We will learn how to paint clouds, pastel planets, splatter galaxies, and design rockets!

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The Greatest Show

July 16-20, 9am-12pm

This art camp is about theater in art.  We will design a theater poster and paint a dancer like Degas.  We will create a small set, make masks, and put on a show.

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Art Matters

July 23-27, 1-4pm and July 30-August 3rd 9am-12pm

Our very popular science and art camp! Albert Einstein said, “The greatest scientists are artists as well.” Creativity is essential in science and this camp brings art and science together. The kids will be encouraged to think outside the box and discover how artists help advance technology and science. This is a very hands-on and sometimes messy camp!

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Ev’Thang Texas

August 6-10, 1-4pm

This is ranch and rodeo art so wear your hat because we will paintin’, drawin’ and sculptin’ all things TEXAS! We will paint a barn landscape en plein air, learn how to draw a horse, create a sculpture out of wire and more.


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